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WAG Level 4

JT – Head Coach

JT isn’t your average coach. Sure, he’s got the skills – years of experience and a certification that stretches longer than the uneven bars. But what really sets him apart is his enthusiasm. He walks into the gym with a smile that could rival a gold medal, and his passion for gymnastics is infectious. He pushes you to reach your potential, but it’s always with a high-five, a word of encouragement, and that same bright, supportive smile.


We’re thrilled to announce the return of Coach Georgia to our team full-time! Her dedication to the sport and her passion for helping others shine are unmatched.

Georgia’s back with a renewed commitment and a wealth of knowledge she’s eager to share. Get ready for her infectious enthusiasm, her keen ability to break down complex skills, and – of course – her motivational coaching style that’ll have you mastering new routines in no time!

WAG Level 2 Coach
WAG Level 3 in Progress


Remember Emma? That amazing gymnast who graced our floor years ago? Well, she’s back, and her passion for the sport is just as fiery as ever. After some time away, Emma brings her expertise and a fresh perspective to the team. Get ready for her infectious energy, her sharp eye for technique, and – of course – her signature pep talks that will leave you ready to conquer the vault!

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